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  • Could high temps make it harder to think?


    Late summer heat can pose certain safety risks. This includes hazards for outdoor workers. One of perhaps the best-known risks on this front is the possibility of heat-related illnesses. However, a recent study hints that there might be another way...

    Category: Workers' Compensation

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  • U.S. seeing more deaths from injuries


    Many different types of accidents can result in fatal injuries. Unfortunately, it appears such injuries have been getting more common in the U.S. in recent years. Recently, a report came out looking at data on fatal injuries. The data covers...

    Category: Personal Injury

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  • What Connecticut road is ranked among America's most dangerous?


    Connecticut drivers may want to exercise extra care when driving on US-1. A recent Value Penguin report named it one of the most dangerous highways in the country. The report looked at fatality statistics regarding the nation's highways. The statistics...

    Category: Car Accidents

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  • Exercise equipment and injury risks


    One of the things many people in Connecticut turn to in their efforts to stay fit is working out using exercise equipment. While such activity can have many health benefits, it is worth noting that injuries can sometimes come up...

    Category: Personal Injury

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