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  • National Trench Safety Stand Down coming soon


    This year’s National Trench Safety Stand Down week will take place between June 18 and June 23. It is a week to focus on trenching and excavation safety on construction sites across Connecticut and around the country. This is of...

    Category: Workers' Compensation

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  • Can the distracted driving epidemic be slowed by technology?


    Many people blame technological advances – namely the advent of smart phones, tablets and smart watches – for the distracted driving epidemic. While it’s true that anything (eating, drinking, talking with passengers, playing with the radio) might distract from the...

    Category: Car Accidents

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  • Common causes of boating accidents


    Now that Memorial Day weekend has concluded, scores of people around Connecticut are going back to work. The short work  week will quickly give way to the weekend once again, and people will return to lakes and rivers for more...

    Category: Personal Injury

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  • What the recent Tesla settlement means for future cases


    Tesla’s autopilot function is touted as a feature that could possibly revolutionize driving in the United States. Indeed, fully autonomous cars are not likely to debut by the end of the decade as previously thought, but the notion of being...

    Category: Car Accidents

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