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Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

If Your Insurance Provider Will Not Provide Coverage

If you live in Connecticut and are having a dispute with your insurance provider, contact our experienced insurance coverage attorneys. We can help if your auto insurance provider, health insurance provider or homeowner's insurance provider refuses to provide the coverage promised in your insurance policy.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims

In many cases, an insurance provider will agree to pay straight forward claims. But if the claim is for a major expense or there is even the slightest basis on which a theory of denial is plausible, insurance companies may deny coverage.

When an attorney gets involved, insurance companies often become more reasonable. However, even in cases where an insurance policy holder has an attorney, insurance providers may still deny coverage. At that point, the insurance policy holder needs an experienced trial attorney who can pursue damages for insurance bad faith.

By law, insurance providers are required to pay benefits they have promised to pay. When an insurance provider intentionally denies a claim that they should obviously cover or delays coverage unnecessarily, they may be held liable through a civil lawsuit sometimes referred to as an insurance bad faith claim. A plaintiff who prevails in an insurance bad faith claim may receive damages in the amount of the insurance coverage and may even obtain additional monetary damages for unnecessary delay or unreasonable denial of an insurance claim.

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