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Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing Home Negligence

Elder Abuse & Neglect in Assisted Living Facilities

When a family member or loved one moves into a nursing home, they have a right to be treated with respect, dignity, and compassion. While many nursing homes meet expectations, the sad reality is that many nursing home patients are subject to negligent treatment, neglect, or abuse.

Some of the injuries that nursing home patients suffer as a result of negligent care include:

  • Bed sores (from lack of turning, washing and care)
  • Broken bones and injuries (slip and fall accidents that could have been prevented by care or supervision)
  • Death (from falls, medication errors, dehydration, malnutrition and preventable infection)

If your loved one has been injured as a result of nursing home neglect or abuse, contact our experienced personal injury attorneys.

Signs of Neglect and Abuse

Nursing homes are not likely to admit neglect and abuse. In fact, they have many ways to hide their own negligence. They may blame their negligence on a patient's age or medical condition.

Here are a few signs of nursing home negligence:

  • Frequent falls: nursing homes have a duty to monitor their patients. If a patient has a condition that puts them at high risk of a slip and fall accident, the nursing home should have a plan in place to provide added measures of protection.
  • Bed sores: When a patient has bedsores, it is typically the result of a failure to move the patient frequently and a failure to adequately wash and bath the patient.
  • Unexplained weight loss: A sudden drop in weight that is not explained by a medical condition may be a evidence that a patient is malnourished due to improper feeding.

Nursing home negligence is difficult to prove. If you believe your loved one has been the victim of negligent care, you will need an experienced attorney who is willing to fight for you.

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