With school starting up again, many Connecticut teens will be adding trips to and from school to their regular driving. When driving to or from school, it is very important for teens to follow traffic laws and act safely.

One type of conduct that is both illegal in Connecticut and unsafe is texting while driving. Unfortunately, a recent study indicates that many teen drivers engage in this behavior.

The study looked at survey data coming from 35 states to estimate the rate of texting while driving among high school students who drive. The study found that, overall, around 38 percent of such students text and drive.

Connecticut was among the states the study looked at. There is good news and bad news when it comes to the Connecticut-specific numbers. The good news is that Connecticut high schoolers showed a lower rate of texting while driving than the overall average. The bad news is that the results still point to there being plenty of high school students in the state who engage in this unsafe driving conduct. Specifically, the study found that around 30 percent of Connecticut high school students text while driving.

These results serve as a reminder of how critical it can be for Connecticut parents to talk to their teens about the importance of not texting when behind the wheel. Texting while driving can create huge traffic accident risks. What do you think are the best ways to get the message about the dangers of distracted driving across to young drivers?

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