There are many different places where individuals could face risks for illness and disease. Sometimes, such risks come up at a person’s place of work. A recent report looked at how common occupational diseases are here in Connecticut.

The report reviewed occupational illness data for 2016. The data came from various sources, including state agencies.

According to the report, in 2016, there were 17.4 occupational disease cases for every 10,000 workers here in Connecticut. This rate is pretty high compared to the rates seen in other parts of the country. It exceeds the national average by 6 percent. Based on a comparison of 41 states, only 14 states had a higher rate than Connecticut.

Reportedly, this is a continuation of an ongoing trend here in Connecticut of exceeding the national average when it comes to occupational disease rate.

What type of occupational illness is most common here in Connecticut? The report points to musculoskeletal disorders holding the top spot.

Now, there are a couple of silver linings to the report’s findings. First, the report found that Connecticut did see a slight drop in its occupational illness rate in 2016 as compared to the previous year. This was a 2 percent drop. Also, the report’s lead author noted that there has been a slight shrinking in the rate gap that Connecticut has with the national average.

Why do you think Connecticut has such a high occupational disease rate?

There are many factors that could impact levels of reported occupational diseases in a state. One is how vigilant employers in the state are at preventing significant illness risks from arising in their workplaces. How good of a job do you feel Connecticut employers do on this front? Are there any particular occupational disease prevention steps that you feel need to become more common in the state?

When Connecticut workers develop illnesses or disorders due to hazards or conditions they were exposed to on the job, they can have many pressing medical and financial needs. Among the things that can help with meeting these needs are workers’ compensation benefits. Skilled workers’ comp lawyers can assist Connecticut workers with the various issues connected to pursing such benefits in connection to an occupational disease.

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