Distracted driving poses major dangers. One thing that can greatly distract a driver behind the wheel is his or her smartphone. So, getting drivers to keep away from their phones when driving is an important goal. However, it appears this is easier said than done. Despite many states passing laws against cellphone-related distracted driving (such as texting while driving) and it being widely known that such conduct is unsafe, many drivers continue to use their phones when behind the wheel.

new app aims to use messages from loved ones, among other things, to help discourage motorists from distracted driving.

The app is called “Call Me Out”. General Motors made it, but it also works with non-GM vehicles. Currently, it is only available to individuals with phones that use the Android system.

The app allows a driver’s friends and family to record audio messages discouraging the driver from things like distracted driving. When a driver has the app active while he or she is out on the roads, the app uses the phone’s system to detect whether the driver has picked the phone up while the car is moving. If it detects such behavior, the app will then play the recorded messages.

Also, the app has certain functions aimed at adding some game elements to driving safely, such as keeping scores and rankings of how well individuals are doing at staying off of their phone when driving.

What do you think of the app’s strategy for discouraging distracted driving? Do you think it will prove effective? How big of a role do you feel apps and similar technologies will ultimately play in the fight against distracted driving?

Now, apps like the one mentioned above are not the only way people can encourage their loved ones to stay away from distracted driving. Another is to discuss this traffic safety topic with friends and family. What do you think are the best ways to bring up this topic and have meaningful conversations about it?

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