How businesses act can have major impacts on their customers. This includes impacts on customer health and safety. Certain missteps by companies could expose customers to significant injuries.

This is the case for a wide range of businesses, including nail salons. When such salons and their workers fail to act properly in regard to safety, customers could end up getting hurt during manicures or pedicures. Chemical burns are among the painful injuries that could come up.

So, one would hope that all nail salons in Connecticut would be vigilant about following state and local safety rules and protecting the health and well-being of their customers. Unfortunately though, a recent NBC Connecticut Investigates article raises serious questions as to how good of a job nail salons are doing on this front.

According to the article, numerous complaints of injuries have been made by nail salon customers in the state. It also indicated that there are plenty of instances of Connecticut nail salons initially failing annual safety inspections, sometimes repeatedly.

While nail salons in the state are supposed to be inspected annually, there are no special licenses required for nail work. Connecticut is the only state where nail technicians aren’t licensed. Some argue that having a license requirement could help standardize safety training in this field in the state.

How safe do you feel Connecticut nail salons, in general, are these days? Do you think adding nail technician licensing would make them safer? Do you think Connecticut should switch to licensing nail technicians?

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