Our firm has represented clients and litigated a diverse range of wrongful death, auto, truck, and motorcycle collisions, slip and falls, negligence, and personal injury cases. This is a partial list of settlements and verdicts we have received on behalf of our clients. It is important to hire an attorney based on skill, experience and any other factors you consider important, not just on past awards. Every case is unique and past results should not be considered a guarantee of future results. Contact us to discuss your specific case.

Below are some examples of recent larger and smaller awards:

  • Settlement in excess of $1,500,000 – Head-On Collision – We collaborated with DK Global to create an animation of the surgeries, click here to view
  • $10,000,000 – Two Stamford partners handled one of the largest personal injury awards in Fairfield County – $10 Million for bicyclist who suffered catastrophic injuries
  • $1,000,000 – Dog Knock Down – Our client was knocked to the ground by a friendly Golden Retriever and sustained a trimalleolar ankle fracture requiring multiple surgeries and hardware placement
  • $1,500,000 – Personal Injury – Pedestrian sustained a head injury when hit by a vehicle
  • $1,310,000 – Wrongful Death – A 93-year-old woman sustained severe injuries resulting in her death after she was struck by a truck
  • $1,290,000 – Wrongful Death – A 70-year-old man sustained head injuries and died after being pinned against a wall by an automobile driven by a minor
  • $1,200,000 – Motor Vehicle Collision – For a 40-year-old man who underwent spinal surgery after a two-car collision
  • $643,000 – Motor Vehicle Collision – Woman sustained a cervical fracture and underwent surgery
  • $350,000 – Motor Vehicle Collision – Woman sustained a neck fracture in an automobile collision
  • $338,500 – Highway Collision – Client sustained cervical and lumbar spinal injuries with continued residual symptoms affecting life’s activities
  • $250,000 – Motor Vehicle Collision – Cervical injuries with surgical intervention
  • $220,500 – Uninsured Motorist – Cervical/shoulder injuries in a hit and run
  • $178,000 – Motor Vehicle Collision – After the trial, the jury ruled in our favor and awarded our client for a fractured patella, hematoma (bruised) thigh and bruised calf, and a chipped tooth
  • $175,000 – Defective Premises – Child’s finger amputated requiring multiple surgeries
  • $166,851 – Fall Down / Premises Liability – Our client fell on ice fracturing her hip and the case was tried to a jury
  • $115,000 – Motor Vehicle Collision – A young woman riding as a passenger in a two-car collision fractured her ankle which did not properly heal
  • $100,000 – Dental Malpractice – Case against an oral surgeon and dentist for the improper extraction of the wrong tooth with complications
  • $75,0000 – Motor Vehicle Collision – Child’s foot injured when run over by a car
  • Our partner received recognition and an Award of Conspicuous Merit for distinguished efforts representing individuals injured in the L’Ambiance Plaza incident, one of the worst building collapse disasters in Connecticut

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